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Our Real Estate Services provide us a process to sell rental properties that get you the most money, in the shortest amount of time, under the most favorable conditions to you, while limiting your legal liability now and into the future.  


To sell residential rental properties for top dollar, it will be critical to attract the most qualified investors, and to do that, your listing agent must be well connected and your rental property must be marketed in a way that it stands out from all the competition.  

It is important to remember that investors are NOT buying bricks and sticks, but investing in cash flow and equity returns.  Successful sellers provide investors, with a REIA Report- a proven, independent third-party, comprehensive financial performance analysis, that shows them exactly what the total net worth growth and income stream can be if they purchase your property.  

Providing this analysis up front, will set their property apart from all the competition, reduce the time to sale, fend off low ball offers, and get them top dollar for their property!

REIA Reports- the #1 Marketing Tool investors and lenders ask for when buying rental property

  This inexpensive report is designed to help 

        • identify and attract qualified investors / buyers to your property
        • maximize returns by showing the property's return on investment
        • reduce you legal liability by disclosing "financial material facts"
        • sell faster by providing all the information needed for quick funding and buying decisons
        • defend the asking price against "low-ball" offers
        • market your property for results!  Attach the report to your multi-list listing, Zillow, Trulia, Facebook, Twitter, etc.




REIA Report Versions

 All versions of REIA Reports are an easy and cost-effective tool for buyers, sellers, lenders, and agents alike, that comprehensively analyzes the financial performance of an income producing property, reports that performance for each of the four pillars for building net worth, along with providing performance metrics that allowed the investor to make decisions across asset classes, along with performance metrics required by any type of lender when funding such investments.

It is one of the many valued benefits that savvy and successful real estate investors find in working with us. When investing- we take a “business approach to the business of real estate”- because in the end, it’s all about the numbers! 

Click on either of these links to view the two versions of the report, that would be of most interest to selling investors: the REIA Report Investor or REIA Report Seller.   Anyone can order either of these individual REIA Reports from our Online Store.  



How Much Will My Residential Rental Property Sell For? 

The sales price of your residential rental property will be calculated using two methods- a comparative approach and an income approach.  

The comparative approach is where an agent or appraiser, reviews recent "like" sold properties within the last 6 months and 1 mile of your property to come up with a list price or value of your property (only an appraiser can give a value that can be used by a lender). 

The income approach, will calculate the sales price of value of your property using the properties past 2 years of IRS 1040 Schedule E's or 8825s, last years and this year-to-date rent rolls, active written leases, occupancy permits, local, state, or national building code violations not remedied, internal, external, mechanical, and structural conditions of the property, what other like rental properties have sold for in the past 6 months, along with what competitive properties are currently on the market- only to name a few. 

We collect and use the property data to conduct a financial performance analysis using  our REAI Reports Investor or REIA Report Seller- a comprehensive reports of your properties financial performance, that an investor and their lender will use to make buying decisions.   

Having a third-party, at arm's length financial analysis of your property will be THE marketing tool you need to get the most money for your property- fast, while holding off low-ball offers. 

In a hurry to sell?

We also have connections to hundreds and hundreds of highly qualified local investors.  We know who they are, what they are looking for, and the neighborhoods where they are buying in.  We also are the only firm in the entire area that trains local investors and landlords- thus giving us even a greater pool of invisible investors to market to.  What you really need to know- is that WE ARE CONNECTED!

Picking the right agent for the job!  

Over the last 20 years, we have become the #1 leading experts in helping investors find, analyze, buy and sell residential rental properties in the Western PA region.  We have invented and ran financial performance analysis on millions of local income producing properties- so we know our market. 

Even if you choose not to use our services, we'd still like to help.  To be most successful in selling your rental property, you will be critical that you find a knowledgeable agent, to help you navigate the sales process, tap into and attract top investor to your property, be expert in negotiation, and understand financial performance.  

To help you find that help, download our article Six Questions to Help You Find a Knowledgeable Agent.  Although this article was originally written to help investor buyers, as the seller, your agent MUST be able to answer the same questions- as it will be their job to interact with the investor, their agent, their lender, etc., and if they don't understand the language and the processes that must be followed, then you'll either sell a long time from now at a fire sale price, or will need to wait until the agents contract expires- and then you can use this list to make better agent hiring decisions.

And we think it is worth repeating again here- we are business consultants that help people sell, buy, and invest in real estate across the entire Western PA region.  We are licensed real estate brokers and sales persons in PA, but are NOT Realtors®- and proud of it.  

Got questions?
Ready to save thousands in wasted commissions when selling your rental property for top dollar? 



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